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Making Changes to an Order (updating shipping address, removing/adding items, etc.)

We process all orders within 24 hours, so please email [email protected] letting us know within that timeframe if you need to modify your order. If you need to edit a shipping address, be sure to include the new correct shipping address in your mes

Canceling an Order

We process all orders within 24 hours, so please email [email protected] within that timeframe if you need to cancel your order. Once a label is printed, no exceptions for changes or cancellations can be made, even to the shipping address.

Putting an Order on Hold

We’re happy to hold orders for a maximum of two weeks. Any longer than that and the plant probably won’t fit in the box anymore. 😄. To request a hold, be sure to email [email protected] with the date you'd like your order to ship out.

Discounts + Coupons

All products are eligible for discounts with the exception of subscription boxes, and products by Areaware and NewMade LA. Discounts and coupon codes cannot be stacked. Only one active promotion is eligible per order. Unfortunately, we're unable to a

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